Enjoy your helicopter rides while you can

I’m getting ready to cover the Grand Forks City Council meeting later tonight, and just saw something weird on the agenda. Apparently, right now there are no restrictions on taking off or landing aircraft within the city limits – the city attorney looked into this after people raised concerns about a helicopter that was flying around South Washington earlier this spring. Tonight, the council will just discuss the proposed ordinance (I’m guessing it will pass with little debate – it seems to be a common sense thing). They could vote on it as early as next week, so if any of you were thinking about flying your helicopter to the mall or anything like that, you better do it now before it’s illegal. It’s crazy that there’s nothing on the books already!

I’m working on a few music stories in the next couple of weeks – I’d like to do something about Kentucky Sound Arsenal’s final show this weekend in EGF. I also have to type up some kind of broad story about the 10,000 Lakes Festival as a whole – it will be hard to write a concise story about such a long event, but I think it will be a fun way to recap the sounds and experiences at the Soo Pass Ranch this year. And I need to write up an interview I did with Kinetix a few days ago. They are from Denver and sat down with me for 15 minutes to talk about their new album and what they like about the festival (they played Wednesday night at the festival, and will be touring through ND sometime in September). Other than that, I have a few ideas that I’ll check into for the next week.

If any of you went to the 10,000 Lakes Festival, I’d be interested in hearing your opinions on this year’s music. How did it compare to previous festivals? What were the highlights of this year? What things did you not like about the festival?

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  1. AJ999 says:

    The Kinetix set at 10KLF was “hoppin”.. That band is incredible and the audience was groovin to their sounds.

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