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I stopped by the first Grand Cities Rock Band Tour last night at the Long Haul, and it was even better than I imagined. That’s probably at least partially because my band won the competition – all three of us went home with $30 in gift certificates, a hat, a shirt and a couple of other little prizes. I also went home with a horrific pinkie blister because I played the drums on WAY too many songs last night (and I know I have a terrible form for playing drums, so I’m sure that contributed to my injury in some way).

But other than winning the prizes, what I enjoyed about the event was that it was something different. I’ve stumbled into a karaoke night at bars dozens of times, and singing in front of a bar crowd was something that never appealed to me. Since I can’t play a real instrument, open mic nights are pretty much off-limits too. But I can play drums on Rock Band, and this was my chance to try it out in front of a small crowd while having fun with a couple of friends. Another cool thing is Rock Band lets up to four people participate at once – you don’t have to wait long to get a turn on the stage, and it’s a lot more fun playing with friends than just singing a karaoke song solo.

The attendance last night was small – probably half the reason why my band won, since I’m OK but no Neil Peart. Hopefully this event will continue to get bigger over the next few months, and draw more people out to the bar to try their hand at being a fake rock star. I know I’ll be going again to defend my band’s title. Plus, winning $10 at Budget Music and Game Stop is always a good thing.

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